Who I Am

In just a few words, I am a professional technologist, a life-long learner, and educator. My strength is an extensive technical understanding; my passion is learning, doing, and teaching. My expertise spans the areas of electronics, mechanics, information technology, photography, videography, and writing. All of my knowledge did not just happen; there is a history of how I became came who I am, a history that involves people, places, and experiences. Below is my story and how I became a renaissance man.

Through the Years

Charles Thrugh the Year

A Boy & a Wizard

A 10 year old Charles in 1960  is seated at a metal chair and is looking back over his arm while holding his head up with his hand. He has a day dreamer look about him.

My childhood was typical of a baby-boomer of that time: promises of science, clean nuclear energy, computers, robots, space travel, and of course, the ever present threat of total thermonuclear war. I was an avid watcher of the television show Mr. Wizard and any other science related programs on television. I also enjoyed reading any book on science or how things work. This may explain why I disassembled so many electrical and mechanical gizmos by the age of eight.



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COSI Adventures

Charles Legg adjusting controls at the COSI fire alarm control panel.

I started working full-time at the Center of Science and Industry as their electro-mechanical technician. The subsequent years offered me a multitude of challenges, both interesting and educational. My expertise grew in diverse directions including electronics, commercial electrical distribution systems, and audiovisual equipment. I also designed a building-wide fire detection system containing over 18 miles of wire, thousands of feet of conduit, and 200 smoke and heat detectors.



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Fire & Networks

A head shot of Charles Legg in his fire department uniform and hat.

I reported to duty as a firefighter for the City of Columbus in 1980. This career change offered me new and challenging opportunities. I also started a part-time business repairing consumer electronics items, such as televisions, VCRs, and microwave ovens. I was promoted to a Fire Lieutenant, and accepted the assignment of Fire PC Systems Manager, and later Information Technology Coordinator for the Division of Fire. In May of 2010 I retired from the City of Columbus, Division of Fire to begin my next adventure.


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Chapter Four

Charles Legg sitting at his electronics workbench with a computer in the background.

Upon retirement from the City of Columbus, Division of Fire I was ready to begin a new phase in my life, Chapter Four for now.  I renewed my interest in photography and started a consulting business - Legg Consulting, LLC. I also became involved in politics for a while, running for election to a council seat on the Village of Minerva Park's Council. I lost the election, but filled out an appointed position of two years. I am attempting to still find my retirement niche; I know it is out there, just need to open the right door.


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My Resume in Brief

I am a professional technologist and life-long learner, Microsoft Professional, FCC Commercial General Radiotelephone Operator License and Amateur General Class License holder, an information technology graduate of Franklin University and have extensive expertise in commercial and consumer electronics, radios, transmitters, computers, programming, mechanics, technical writing, project management and team leadership. My strength is a broad technical comprehension; My passion is learning, doing, and teaching.


Proficiencies and Talents


I can perform business system analysis, fact gathering, report generation, and strategic planning development. I am proficient at troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing complex mechanical, electronic and electrical systems. My web authoring skills include the creation of websites based on analysis of company requirements and marketing goals. My administration abilities include the management of large and small networks, hundreds of desktop and mobile computers, and thousands of users. My educator skills includes the authoring of lessons plans, training manuals, visual presentations, and the face-to-face classroom instruction of large groups of students involving technical and non-technical subjects. I can generate technical papers including the design of figures, illustrations, and taking of photographic images.


Professional Experience


Bionetics Corporation, Heath, Ohio

  • Engineer Technician 2017 - present

Legg Consulting, LLC, Columbus, Ohio

  • Owner and Operator 2010 - present

City of Columbus, Division of Fire, Columbus, Ohio 

  • Information Technology Coordinator and Advisor (1994 – 2010)
  • Firefighter (1980 – 1994)

C. W. Legg Electronics and MacSense, Columbus, Ohio

  • Owner and Lead Electronics Technician 1984 – 1995

City of Columbus, Division of Communications, Columbus, Ohio 

  • Communications Technician   1974 – 1975

Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus, Ohio                                                   

  • Electro-Mechanical Technician (1965  – 1975, 1980 - 1985)
  • Operations Manager (1976 – 1980)

WOSU Radio (Ohio State University), Columbus, Ohio                                                       

  • Broadcast Engineer 1968 – 1971 


Explore My Skills

Information Technology

B.S. in Information Technology
Administration of large LAN
Network and PC Migrations
Network Design & Installation
Microsoft SQL Query
DotNetNuke Web Design
Hardware & Software Integration
Web Design and Analysis
C++, C#, VB, Programming


Organization, Vision, Teamwork
Professional Firefighter (18 Years)
Fire Lieutenant Officer (12 years) 
Supervisor/Manager (20 years)
Numerous Committee Chairs
Assistant Chief - Columbus Fire Aux.
President of Many Clubs/Organizations
Training in Human Diversification
"Zap the Gap" Leadership


Board Level Troubleshooting
Broadcast Engineer
Vacuum Tubes to Solid State
Circuit construction
Bread Boarding
Control Logic, PIC, STAMP
Automation Systems
SCA Tuners, Power Amps
Robotics Systems
PC and Macintosh Repairs
Consumer Electronics
Microwave Ovens


Commercial - Residential
Three-Phase Commercial 
Distribution & Branch Systems
Conduit Installation
Motor Controls, Automation
Lighting Systems, Dimmers
Power Switching
Low Voltage Systems
Fire & Security Installations
LAN Wiring, Termination
National Electrical Code


Face to Face Instruction 
Class Sizes Up To 60
Lesson Plan Development
PowerPoint Presentations
Audio Visual Teaching Aids
Training/Instructional Manuals
Test Fabrication

Audio Visual

Film, Video and Audio Technologies
Photography & Photography
Documentary Script Writing  
Video & Photography Lighting
Animated PowerPoint Presentations
Recording Studio Operations
Television/Film Production

Technical Writing

Strategic Action Plans 
Standard Operating Procedures
Lesson Plans, Training Manuals
Designed PowerPoint Presentations
Technical & Non-Technical Subjects
Project Management Schedules
Formulation of Reports, Summaries
Analytical Analysis Research
Business Process Analysis 
Information Architect, Taxonomy
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)


Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) Cameras
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Camera Raw
Adobe Photoshop